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Comparison of Specifications Yamaha FreeGo 125 Vs Honda Vario 125

Comparison of Specifications Honda Vario 125 vs Yamaha FreeGo 125. Inthe automotive world, there are two motorcycle brands that have always been a hot topic of conversation among Indonesians, namely Honda and Yamaha.

This time, we will discuss a comparison of the two newest middle-class motorbikes from the two brands, namely the New Honda Vario 125 and New Yamaha FreeGo 125.

A. Prices and Color Variants

Honda Vario 125 and Yamaha FreeGo 125 have almost the same price range with the same engine capacity.

The choice is yours, there are several color variants available for each of these motorbikes.

B. Tire Size

Honda Vario 125 uses 14-inch tires with tires measuring 90/80 for the front and 100/80 for the rear.

While the Yamaha FreeGo 125 uses 12-inch tires with tires measuring 100/90 for the front and 110/90 for the rear.

C. Baggage Capacity

Luggage capacity is very important for daily vehicles, especially to accommodate luggage.

The Honda Vario 125 has a trunk capacity of 18 liters, while the Yamaha FreeGo 125 excels with a larger luggage capacity of 25 liters.

D. Design

The Honda Vario 125 has a sharp and sporty design, with curves in every corner which is very suitable for the taste of the Indonesian market.

Meanwhile, the second generation Yamaha FreeGo 125 has a sportier design compared to the previous generation which tends to be rounded and rigor.

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E. Machine

Both of these motorbikes have the same engine capacity, which is 125 cc.

This machine is sufficient to support daily mobility activities, with economical fuel and a body that is not too large so that it is suitable for use by all groups as a daily vehicle.

F. Lighting

Both of these motorbikes already use more modern LED lights.

However, there is a difference in the turn signal, where the Yamaha FreeGo 125 still uses an ordinary bulb.

G. Fuel Tank Capacity

The fuel tank capacity of the Honda Vario 125 is 5.5 liters, while the Yamaha FreeGo 125 has a fuel tank capacity of 4.2 liters.

H. Other Features

Both of these motorbikes are equipped with a charger port to charge the cellphone while driving.

Both of these motorbikes are also equipped with a keyless ignition as a security system, but this feature is only available in the highest variants of these two motorbikes.


Both of these motors have their advantages and disadvantages.

The Honda Vario 125 has a sharp and sporty design, larger tire sizes and a larger fuel tank capacity.

Meanwhile, the Yamaha FreeGo 125 has a larger luggage capacity and a slightly more affordable price.

However, the final decision remains with you as a potential buyer.

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