5 Modern Minimalist Luxurious Bedroom Designs

5 Modern Minimalist Luxurious Bedroom Designs

PropertijituWant to design a bedroom with a different design? The choice of a luxurious bedroom design is a dream for many people. While on vacation and staycation, of course you will feel comfortable in a hotel room. Well, from now on you can feel it at home without having to go to the hotel.

To add references, this time Triboennews.my.id will share 5 modern minimalist luxury bedroom designs. Curious what the design looks like? Let's look at the review below!


1. Gray luxury bedroom design


The interior with shades of gray is one of the most popular designs and has many enthusiasts. You can create a gray color into a luxurious design. This bedroom is filled with charming shades of gray. Supported by the use of wood interior materials to add to the impression of a more elegant residential look.

Gray walls look cooler with wood latticework which makes the walls appear taller.


2. Luxurious cross-legged bedroom design


Who would have thought that a cross-legged bedroom couldn't look luxurious. You can use the luxury bedroom design inspiration above as a reference. The combination of vinyl flooring and a cross-legged bed looks perfect and charming. Thus creating a warmer atmosphere in the room.

For other luxury decorations, apart from the main light, present a hanging lamp for the best design display.


3. Luxurious bedroom design with wallpaper


One of the easiest ways to change the mood of a bedroom is to change the paint or add wallpaper to the room. Wall wallpapers are available in many motifs that you can choose according to your needs.

In accordance with the classic bed model, the wallpaper was chosen with batik motifs with elegant beige nuances. That way the appearance of the interior looks more elegant.


4. Bedroom design with luxurious curtains


There are many bedroom elements that you can make with the most beautiful design possible. One of the things you can't miss is adding curtains or curtains. The presence of curtains or curtains has the main function to regulate the entry of light in the room. But if it is designed with the right design, you can use curtains as decorations to enhance your appearance. You can choose curtains with velvet fabric for a more luxurious interior look.

5. Modern luxury bedroom design


This one bedroom inspiration still uses gray as the main color which is quite eye-catching. If previously gray was chosen with a soft tone, this time the walls appear luxurious with dark gray shades. Meanwhile, for a sweeter impression, you can combine it with beautiful pink shades.

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