Want to save energy at home? Here are 5 Tips you can use!


Want to save energy at home? Here are 5 Tips you can use!

Propertijitu - Saving energy at home means you save on household expenses. In addition, saving energy at home can also help preserve the environment. Then like ap show or tips on saving energy at home? Here's what we give you!

Replacing lamps with energy-saving ones

The first tip you can do is to replace home lights with more energy efficient ones. LED lights can be one solution. LED lights require less power than conventional lights generally and will make your home electricity bills become more reduced.

Make good home ventilation

Air conditioning or Air Conditioner (AC) is one of the electronics that consume electricity with great power. Especially in big cities, the use of air conditioning at home is common. To reduce the use of air conditioning and make the house more energy efficient, you must make good and correct home ventilation. This is intended so that the air circulation that enters the house is also maintained and changed.

Avoid charging your phone at night

Whether you realize it or not, when you charge your phone at night until morning, it will make your electricity consumption bigger. Although it sounds trivial, but if done many times will make electricity bills swell.

Use Enough Water

The next way to save energy that can be applied is to use enough water. By limiting the use of water at home, then you can reduce the waste of water is very valuable. You can also minimize the use of electricity because the water pump will not work continuously to drain water from the ground to the water storage.

Use More Natural Light

During the day, open the curtains and windows of your home. In addition to saving the use of Lights, opening windows is also good for circulation in the House. Painting interior walls in light colors can increase the reflection of light. On the outside, you can paint the roof white to encourage more light into the House.

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