Let's Adjust Your Home Lighting To Make It More Comfortable!

Let's Adjust Your Home Lighting To Make It More Comfortable!

Propertijitu - There are many ways that can be done to make the dwelling feel more comfortable, one of which is to adjust the lighting in your home.

Poor room lighting can cause the house to become damp which leads to the destruction of furniture that does not have resistance to moisture until fungi will appear on the surface of the walls. Poor room lighting will also cause air circulation in the house to become stuffy and full of bacteria.

Then, how the heck tips set good room lighting? Here's the explanation.

Prioritize natural room lighting sources

The first thing you can do is start from maximizing natural lighting in the room. Make sure every room has openings as a source of natural room lighting. Use large windows so that natural light can easily enter your home. The use of large windows will also make the illusion of your home more spacious and airy.

Complete Room Lighting with a lamp system

After making sure each room has enough openings, it's time you complete it by lighting the room with lights. In choosing a lamp, make sure you understand each function of the light bulb you use, ranging from main lights, decorative lights, to spotlights.

Use The Wall Color Game

The color of the interior paint will also affect the atmosphere of the room lighting, tablets. If you want a bright room, use light colors such as white, light gray, or beige with white lights to create bright room lighting.

Setting up several types of lighting for each main room

You can decide which rooms you and your family will spend a lot of time in. After that, provide a lighting system that has several modes and can be used as needed.

Use natural lighting that is energy efficient and environmentally friendly

Using an energy-efficient room lighting system will help you save more, choosing environmentally friendly lights can cut your home's electricity bill every month.

Well, those are some tips that you can apply to your dwelling. Good luck!



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