is your house flooded? It's an important thing to do

Propertijitu - As is known, floods are the most frequent disasters in Indonesia. The causes are human-made factors, improper land use, dumping of garbage into rivers, to the construction of settlements in floodplain areas. 

If your home is flooded, here are some important things you can do. 

Secure The Documents 

If you still have time to save important items when puddles enter the house, the first thing you need to do is save all important documents and make sure they are safe.

Don't Panic 

Another thing you must do is stay calm and not panic. Because if you panic, new risks may occur such as physical injury, even death. 

Turn Off The Electricity

When the water has started to inundate the front area of the house, you should turn off the electricity system in your home. However, make sure that you do not walk through puddles towards the electrical fuse.

Conducting Evacuation 

If things get worse and you feel like you can't stop it, evacuate or evacuate outside the House. Find a dry and safe place. You can go to the yard, a neighbor's house, or the House of another relative who has not encountered a similar problem.

Use Clean Water and food efficiently 

When facing floods, you should use clean water and foodstuffs effectively and efficiently.

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