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hi my name is Alex Lee as well as I am from Style Seed some time ago we included an episode with the head of region of Asia and also India from the Big Dutchman Team Jan Hofstede and also he welcomed us to movie his home Jan resembled you need to visit my location it's in the Hollywood film Crazy abundant Oriental as well as I stopped quickly with whatever I was doing at that moment and claimed let's do it Jan allow's go prior to we start if you're not subscribed to our channel yet do it currently and also click on the subscribe switch as well as switch on the notification buzzer to stay in the loop of even more remarkable style contents the Belanda House is called

after the Dutch family members nation origin where Jan and also Ineke originated from the Netherlands sitting on the side of the hillside forgeting a mesmerizing sight of the huge Woodland Reserve of Damansara nation Levels we want a resort style living because we such as the outside Malaysia we like the climate specifically in the evening so when we remained in Holland in the summer season everyone rests outside right here you have summertime 365 days a year right so why not rest outside right here also when you try to find the front of your house it looks extremely moderate however it's constructed affixed to capital so it's the point is going down you recognize when you go into your home it truly opens up to the entire residence right into the forest and also to the sight yep there was additionally suggested to be like that oh the wow aspect they call it the wow factor indeed we wished to have a really a home that selects natural environments so.

Rock, woods what we desired is that the residence ends up being component of nature and also then simply float over the trees as well as and be component of that hi my name is Stephanie Maignan I'm co-founder of 29 Layout with each other with Amanda Teh um as well as I'm joining you from Toronto Canada where I'm presently based the customer involved us and also they had two huge asks the very first big ask was to befriend the terrain their site is a 34 degree slope sloping below from the entryway so fairly an obstacle they wanted to minimize disturbance and disrupting the incline and leave as much greenery there as possible the second big ask was to take full advantage of outside living we were inspired by Balinese vernacular style as well as how it was actually composed of a collection of buildings arranged by a program as well as so we make use of that as a beginning point and arranged it right into three Pavilions so we had the initial Pavilion which is in fact totally on the flat system on top of the incline

which is a pavilion for food preparation eating and also real estate visitors as well as so we developed a ground floor to be a very quickly obtainable and navigable area and after that we visualized a 2nd Structure which is the family Structure which is fifty percent on the flat system and also fifty percent cantilevered over the slope and after that we have the third Structure which is the most dramatic Structure which is on pilotes cantilevered out over the slope completely and that is the living Structure to attach them we visualized instead than walking across a garden we in fact attached them with Bridges so there's an experience of Crossing through a bridge in the Treetops to go from one program to an additional which we thought was a method to likewise integrate this experience of the yard as well as the forest throughout your house component of the brief that the customer provided us was additionally to not just house themselves as well as their family members however find homes for their art the idea behind that was we had a great deal of points we accumulated in different countries

that we really liked and also we intended to present them in a in a particular means the attribute job encountered that is still a little bit separated but likewise still the wind goes via and also you can show your ornaments that we acquired in a means that we actually liked in taking full advantage of interior outdoor living and likewise making the most of visibility to the outdoors the roof covering actually plays an extremely vital function so we wished to actually articulate the the three Structure concept with three various routes that have really deep overhang to ensure that we can take full advantage of the amount of glass and also have it still fit to have this floating ceiling in the middle and also then have to root over that specifically at night because there's light underneath there it looks actually actually pretty so if we enjoy tv during the night we generally have everything open and also you really feel the winds as well as we're enjoying television having the good valley behind us you seem like you're sitting outside I hesitate of elevations I told him I stated I require to really feel completely

safe right here as well as the dimensions of the glass it is normally lower however I asked them to do it thicker higher additionally due to the fact that I'm fairly high that I really did not have the feeling I was going over so if I stand here now I do not definitely do not have a trouble with it it truly feels natural for me to stand there and also secure and I believe that it developed a really great terraces for us particularly this one this is actually goes out if you rest below that you feel you're part of the jungle specifically in the evening you see all the birds coming as well as it's just lovely and also additionally resting here simply managing the city there the rain coming the the lightning as well as the rumbling I think it's excellent to sit here I would usually sit here as lengthy as I can when improving an incline the engineer created micropiles as a framework they started at the end of the slope and created the framework of the foundation for each and every column coming down without you recognize troubling once more the the remainder of the incline and function their way approximately the leading the systems that they developed for the lower micropiles that entered you couldn't also see it from the top of the incline and also the workers had to kind of walking down there to the machine and drill in the the micro heaps

if you survive capital you have staircases so you could too make it right into a something wonderful so that's why we have you know the different levels as well as for planter boxes and some art as well as so on just to to make it right into an attribute that was a really challenging stairs to create the entire steer actually cantilevered off of 2 upright concrete columns which are grown in a dark grey spray-on concrete coating the engineer really scratched his head on that you recognize when you were when you get on an incline you need to discover a method to attach areas that might be on a various level right you understand locate a method to link them ceremoniously I wish to say you recognize in terms of having a client that had such a recognition of of the Malaysian climate we wound up naming the house the Belannda House because they are a Dutch customer yet they they were so harmonic with the environments in Malaysia that we gave them that provided their residence a millennium

Belanda's Dutch obviously in in a Hassan life so that's the factor for the name of the house some people state if you develop a home if you and also your wife can handle that after that your marital relationship is good enough you know as well as we're still until today we're extremely delighted with it since it's fairly special it's unlike most I would say oriental residences it's open developing the tropics is truly to actually have a connection and actually decrease the architecture and also type of open it up and connect to the elements as much as feasible there's less barriers in between within as well as outdoors in the tropics and that makes for an actually interesting modern-day design therefore that's been a genuine treat yet another impressive episode of one of Malaysia's many amazing houses taking full advantage of the exotic climate wish several of our video clips can share a message throughout to all our viewers to be brave and like-minded to learn to appreciate what's there for us in the exotic setting we call house find out to value the rainfall sunlight and the exotic breeze attaching to nature my name is Alex Lee as well as I am from Style Seed we wish you enjoyed today's episode please subscribe to our network as well as stay tuned to even more compelling upcoming episodes Thank you for viewing!

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