Get rid of mites in the House in these 5 Ways!

Get rid of mites in the House in these 5 Ways! - You know, even though the house looks clean, it does not rule out the possibility of small insect pests such as mites or bedbugs that nest in various objects in the House. Especially if the house is rarely cleaned and makes dust accumulate everywhere.

Mites usually nest in areas that are often used such as mattresses, sofas, to carpets that are rarely washed regularly. Mites can also multiply in damp places.

The presence of mites that are not immediately cleaned can cause a number of health problems such as asthma, allergies, rhinitis or inflammation, especially in people who are sensitive to mites.

For that, it is important for you to know how the right way to eradicate mites at home so that the house is always healthy and clean. Here's more!

Wash household items with hot water

The first way that can be done is to wash all the equipment in the house that may be a nest of mites with hot water. Starting from pillows, bolsters, sheets, blankets, carpets, and more. You can add anti-bacterial detergent to the laundry. Make sure you wash the items regularly so that the mites do not return to nest again. After washing, do not forget to dry everything thoroughly.

Use Mattress Protectors

One of the easiest ways to control mites is to add mattress and pillow covers or protectors. Use materials that are specifically anti-allergic. Usually such a material has a tightly woven and small pore size so that mites are difficult to get into the bed. Don't forget to clean your bed regularly.

Reduce House Humidity

Mites love moist areas. To help control tugau, you can use a dehumidifier, open windows, check ventilation, and use exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom.   

Spraying Saline Solution

Did you know that salt can also be used to get rid of mites? You just simply dissolve the salt in the water, then put it in a spray bottle. Then, spray the salt solution to the nests of mites in the area of the bed, sofa, or carpet. In just a few hours the mite will come out and die.

Applying Onion Juice

Red and white onions can be another way to get rid of mites. The method is quite easy, you just smooth both types of onions using a blender. After that, strain and take only the juice. Then, apply this onion juice to places suspected of being mite nests, such as the corners of the bed crevices present in the bed, the surface of the carpet or the crevices of the sofa. Within a few hours the mites will come out and fall one by one.

Keep The House Dust-Free

Hygiene is essential to be able to control mites. Dust is your worst enemy and you strive to get rid of it every day. Use a vacuum cleaner then use a damp cloth to clean the freshly cleaned surface from dust. Profil

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