15 Best Minimalist Adult Room Design Inspiration

15 Best Minimalist Adult Room Design Inspiration

Propertijitu - The availability of land that is getting narrower and more expensive every day certainly makes people think about how to overcome it. Of the many ideas, creating an adult-level room design may be one that is worth trying. If you apply it, you can use the surrounding area for various other activities, right?

For that, here is my prospect to provide some minimalist adult room designs in various interesting styles that you can make as a reference. Let's hear it!

15 Adult Bedroom Design Inspirations

Here are 15 adult-level room inspirations that you can apply to make your sleep more comfortable.

1. Workspace under the bed

When deciding to make a bunk bed, you should use the empty space underneath as a workspace. This idea can be applied so that the space in the house is wider, especially for those of you who already have children.

In addition to applying a minimalist adult-level room design, you can decorate the workspace using simple decorations so it doesn't feel cramped.

To do this, you can first look at the House plan and map out which rooms can be rearranged.

2. Mezzanine bunk bed

In addition to using a regular bed, you can use the mezzanine as a room. Well, the mezzanine itself is a massive frame that allows it to be used as an extra space above the original room. With a mezzanine, you can add an extra room in any room of a certain height.

3. Bunk bed with wardrobe

If you are choosing a minimalist adult room design, then a bunk bed with wardrobe can be one of the choices. You can design a bedroom above the wardrobe so that a minimalist impression is more visible.

4. Bunk bed with sofa

Well, if you do not like the concept of mezzanine, maybe you will be interested to apply a conventional bunk bed with a sofa underneath. You can add decorations in the form of lamps and small tables, then the sofa can be a place to relax with family.

5. Bunk bed without legs

Adult level room design can be made with a minimalist theme using a bunk bed without legs. In addition to saving space, a bed without legs can minimize empty space that has the potential to be dirty. You can choose a design with a bed on top and bottom or decide to make a bedroom on the top only.

6. Bedroom 3 bunk

3 bunk bedrooms can be tried if you live with several people with limited space. This adult level room design can accommodate 3 people in one room by providing 3 separate spaces, namely above, below and a bed that can be pulled and put back.

7. 2-storey bunk bed

Well, this minimalist adult room design you can use if you don't want to rest on a bed that is too small. The Model of the two-story bed design is similar to a 2-story building where there is 1 connecting ladder in the middle of each bed.

8. Hanging rope bunk bed

You want a unique design? Then the idea of bunk beds with hanging ropes will probably interest you. Consult or use the services of professionals to ensure safety, because the stacking rope connected to the ceiling section can be risky.

But in general, the idea can be applied if you want a different sensation in your bedroom. Good luck!

9. Hammock

Bunk beds can also be made attached to the wall so as to create the impression of hanging. More spacious than a 3-bunk bedroom, a hanging bedroom can fit up to 4 more people on each outboard bed in one room.

10. Two-way bunk bed

Bunk beds can be applied to the existing master bedroom. The trick, a bunk bed is made on a regular bed, so that the sleeping position between the lower and upper beds crosses. Two-way bunk beds are usually applied to large-sized mattresses.

11. Built-in bunk beds

If the mezzanine and ordinary bunk beds are less attractive, you can design a minimalist Adult Bedroom Design by making a built-in bunk bed or planting model. The built-in bunk bed will be attached to the wall of the house so that it does not seem to need extra space for a bed.

12. Gently sloping level bedroom

If you feel the stairs to the upper level bed are too steep, you can add a small ladder like a regular ladder on a bed without legs. This also avoids the possibility of falling when trying to go down the stairs after waking up. Apart from being an adult level room design, the sloping bed model can also be used for small children.

13. Bunk bed with curtain

Are you one of those people who prioritize privacy? If so, maybe a bunk bed with curtains is the solution. You can make a bunk bed equipped with curtains on each side or curtains for all sides.

14. Wooden bunk beds

In order to display a minimalist adult room design but blend with nature, you can choose materials from wood. You can adapt it to be a built-in model, a regular bed or a hanging model.

15. Bedroom with storage space

Well, if you don't want to make the bottom of the bedroom a sofa, then the storage space will probably appeal to you. This design requires a bunk bed unit that integrates storage space underneath.

Those are 15 adult level room design inspirations that you can try as one of the best ways to maximize space.

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