13 Modern Minimalist Kitchen models, simple and beautiful

13 Modern Minimalist Kitchen models, simple and beautiful

Propertijitu.com - Modern minimalist kitchen design is now the dream of many people because it looks simple but looks beautiful and elegant. Not just pleasing to the eye, it will actually make your cooking atmosphere so much more enjoyable.

Yup, especially if your kitchen is also used as a family dining place, the moment of eating together will feel more delicious. For that, let's see the 14 latest modern minimalist kitchen models that you can make the following choices!

Modern minimalist kitchen inspiration

Confused to arrange the kitchen space to look beautiful, elegant, and luxurious? Check out the latest collection of modern minimalist kitchen models below.

1. Neutral & elegant

Many people think dark colors will make the room feel boring. Eits, make no mistake, the combination of black, brown, and a little touch of white furniture can actually make your kitchen look elegant, you know. Do not hesitate to play the color because the key is to find the right blend and balance.

2. Industrial

Industrial is one example of a luxurious modern minimalist kitchen that combines design aesthetics and practicality of using goods into one whole. Generally, this concept uses black and red bricks in the interior. With a luxurious and modern atmosphere, industrial design will be very suitable for the millennial generation.

3. Scandinavian

Another modern minimalist kitchen inspiration is scandinavian. This is a design style that presents a simple kitchen set concept by combining black, white, and green plants. In addition, there are also chandeliers and wood as a typical scandinavian-style decor.

4. Colorful

If you are a lover of bright colors, try combining them into a colorful concept that gives an interesting and fun impression. Yup, for some people plain design may already be quite boring, right?

Therefore, use a combination of various colors and Wall motifs according to taste. Then, give a touch of white and wood to still bring a minimalist accent to your kitchen.

5. Skylight

Still the same as before, the skylight concept relies on lighting as the main key to its design. By applying this latest modern minimalist kitchen model, you will get maximum bright shades and feel spacious.

Not only does it make your kitchen seem more spacious, natural lighting can also help reduce humidity in the room to kill various bacteria.

6. Marble

If you want a luxurious and elegant modern minimalist kitchen design, try dressing it with gray or black marble. This element will bring a minimalist and futuristic accent to the kitchen room. Then do not forget to complete with white and black materials as supporting decorations.

Modern minimalist kitchen design

If you are looking for a variety of references to organize a dream kitchen space at home, here are some examples of modern minimalist kitchen that you can make inspiration.

1. Shades of ash

Different from the previous bright, gray color you can also use as a luxurious modern minimalist kitchen design, you know. In order not to seem monotonous or flat, just combine it with gold, white, and wood as a complement. As for sweetening the room, give a matching colored chandelier so that there is a futuristic accent in your kitchen.

2. All white

Minimalist kitchen design is generally identical to plain white. It is undeniable, the use of all-white color not only makes the room brighter, but also can make a narrow kitchen 3x3 size also looks more spacious, neat, and clean.

Well, this concept is perfect for those of you who like simple, flexible, yet modern style. In addition, the white color will also make it easier for you to clean it because the slightest stain is definitely visible.

3. Combination of wood

The combination of wood and white elements is a concept that is often used to produce an exotic and minimalist look. The reason is, wooden elements make the room feel more natural, warm and one with nature. For Complementary decoration, you can add artificial potted plants on different sides of the room.

4. Monochrome

Another modern minimalist kitchen inspiration is monochrome. Yup, the concept of black and white can also be an interesting design idea. Not only functional, but also looks luxurious and elegant visually. However, in order not to seem too dark, just take advantage of the lighting from the window or the appropriate chandelier.

5. Back to nature

You can also use the kitchen nuances of green nature as a minimalist kitchen design. This kind of back to nature style presents a pleasant and soothing atmosphere when combined with white or wood. Guaranteed moments of eating with family and relaxing will feel more exciting.

6. Natural stone

The next example of a modern minimalist kitchen is a blend of natural stone. Yes, the natural mixture in this kind of room is no less cool, you know. It will make your kitchen more interesting and not boring. However, make sure there is supportive lighting and other natural material combinations that are appropriate.

7. Pastel

The following examples of modern minimalist kitchen you can also make as an option. Yup, pastel colors are usually preferred because they bring a soft and soothing impression. So that your kitchen room can still look alive, just mix light-colored products and matching decorations.

That's a collection of beautiful luxurious modern minimalist kitchen inspiration that you can make a choice. Well, there are so many unique and interesting designs, right? However, from a series of examples of modern minimalist kitchens above, you can choose a model that suits your wishes and needs.

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